Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Wait, what was that? Oh deer...

I might need some more water..
I was about to tell you that...
I, I, I, I can't talk!
Drop the phone...
No one is going to like Jonah's Lightsaber..
I have been missing you SO much!!
I went to find you in your bed, but you were at YOGA!

These are all things you have said lately, that I feel like you aren't old enough to be saying. But i love it. So, so much.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

no talking....

Dear Yoyo....

I think this is one of the ONLY times I have thought it was okay when someone gave themselves a nickname :)

You are amazing. Right now. And all the time. I just have to tell you who you are right now. Because, we always need to remember it.

You LOVE music. And music videos. You would watch them nonstop all day if you could. Actually that is the ONLY thing you will watch tho. Other shows seem to bore you... here's an up to date play list:

Trouble: The weepies. You ask for this all day. But you say it like a French boy... Trub BOO, Trub Boo. And jonah says... NOT TROUBLE aren't you sick of it?? 

Dismit: Mumford and Sons. The Horsie Show.  By Munson, as you say. And you sing the last word of each phrase with them.

Sunshine: Matt Costa.... I love when you sing this one...

Mr. Pitt: Matt Costa... you just chant PITT PITT.

Shot reverse Shot: Jack Johnson.. You've got some good moves to this one.

Done: Frazy Ford. Oh my gosh. It makes my day when you say Frazy. 

I Will Wait: Mumford and Sons.. .Still a favorite for you and Jonah. I actually don't think any of us will ever get sick of it..That one or... 

Hopeless Wanderer: Mumford and Sons.. We all love it.

You like to help wash dishes... you like to tell me "no talking" when i talk to people on FaceTime.. You love tashi and tuk. Whenever they are around you say, "TUKI! Tashi!" and run to them with open arms to give them a hug. You say hum hum...for come come.. You jump off of things and face plant. All the time. It's stressful.

I can not get enough of your huggas. When we change your bum you say... "dine dine poo" we say yea. You say, "hoog!" we say, yea huge! you say "Whoa!!" we say whoa! Same thing. Every time. 

But.. my FAVORite thing you do started on Dad's birthday. We were up in the mountains having a Francis Mallman moment where we were cooking dutch oven on an open fire. I asked you if you needed a bum change you said... "no. I'm fine. (pause as your running away) I'm happy" Best thing ever. Now you say it all the time... ready for bed? Bum change? Sunscreen? "no, I'm fine. I'm happy."

Saturday, May 2, 2015

1.5.. Hey Grownup

dodo (cookie)

Saturday, March 21, 2015


 I wonder if there is anything better than you in your red shoes, with popsicle all over your face checking out the chickens... You have become pretty emotional and willful lately. Feisty. I love it.

 And when I see you with dad, it melts my heart.
 This is literally how you walked out of the room the other day after a nap. You found my cougar hat on the bed.
You have been melting my heart all over the place lately, but the best thing had to do with this little piƱata dinosaur. We had it for Jonah's bday and you LOVED it. A couple days later, jonah and I noticed that it still had one chocolate in it.. of course we had to get it out. But it was stuck. We had to use scissors to get it out. I didn't realize how attached you were to it. When you saw us cutting the dinosaur you got so upset. You started to yell at us. So i stopped and tried to put it back together. I saw your little chest puff up with utter emotion--Just WELLING with emotion. I held my arms out to you and you RAN to me and BURST into tears. I have never seen you filled with so much feeling. It was so sweet, little lion.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Leo Love

Leo, I cannot get over you lately. You have changed from a baby to a kid overnight. We just stare at you in amazement. The way say "shh" with your finger over your mouth when we walk by a bed, how you can go find your shoes, when you say my name, how you play with jonah, how you wave goodbye and hello.. but mostly your sweet kisses. And how much you love dad. Oh, and how you stomp your foot when you dance.. how everything is a "cool" seat. But my most favorite thing is hearing your little feet and seeing you stumble out of your room when you wake up... and then you RUN to give me a hug. No one needs to tell me these are the best years of my life... I am very much aware of that.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Aw Leo Love

It's almost your birthday. And I am getting a bit sentimental. I told you all about our hospital stay tonight and you listened really closely. I bought an In Style magazine because Alina bought me one last year when you were born. An In Style magazine. Ha. Love you, ferocious lion.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Dear Leo,
We moved into this house and it was just a house. With sad colors of paint. And a couple sad mattresses thrown on the ground. But then you learned to crawl here and it became our home.